Minority Access to Capital: Will you join me in my mission?

I wanted to share my Facebook post from last night with you all, particularly if you are a woman or minority seeking to raise private capital for your business:

THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I am so disappointed everytime I go to a meeting dealing with capital investments in businesses there is a lack of women and blacks on the receiving end. Last quarter was the highest private equity investment in over a decade…literally billions of dollars….and I don’t know one woman or black business that got any! Every Board of Advisors I have seen in start up companies receiving measurable funds is a white male. I want to start seeing people that look like ME receiving funding of $1.5MM to solve an issue or create disruption in an industry. And that starts with education…educating my sisters and fellow black folks about CAPITAL MARKETS: What it means? Where are the opportunities? How do you access? How do you prepare? This is my personal pledge starting TODAY- To gather a team of committed people to organize and educate minorities on how to access private capital. Who’s with me?!


As you all know, when I am determined to do something, I do it! If you are interested in helping me build a STRONG organization focused on EDUCATION and TRAINING of minorities in the area of capital markets and private capital access, sign up for my enewsletter. We will plan to meet by the end of January. WE. WILL. DO. THIS!  Here is the Enewsletter LINK to sign up. Feel free to share with your network!


I am Dar’shun Kendrick, Private Securities Attorney and Owner of Kendrick Law Practicehelping businesses raise capital the LEGAL way. We work with “for profit” companies seeking to raise $250,000 or more through private securities (equity and/or debt) that have a line item budgeted for legal services. We do NOT find investors or introduce companies to investors; that is the job of “broker-dealers” and we are prohibited under federal securities law from doing so.  I have 2 B.A.s from Oglethorpe University, a law degree from the University of Georgia and an M.B.A. from Kennesaw State University.

We are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and therefore any legal advice in this blog only pertains to Georgia based businesses. Please visit us online to sign up for a time to discuss services or for our famous 10 point Business Legal Consultation for 1 hour.

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