Politics & Policy: How It Affects YOUR Access to Capital

I’m an elected official so clearly I am a little biased (dare I say excited) to talk about my favorite subject besides private equity: politics. I know. It’s a word you’d rather ignore because of the drama and inability to be effective at times. However, it is a vital part of how businesses operate and specifically what types and how they receive access to capital so it’s important to know what policies are being proposed and considered.

Now I serve in the Georgia House of Representatives so my policy making abilities stop at the state lines. However, Congress is responsible for making laws that affect the whole nation and so I encourage you all to GET INVOLVED with your particular member of Congress to find out what is being proposed that will affect not only your businesses, but your family and way of life.

Below you will find a PDF of proposed capital formation bills currently being considered right now in Congress of of September 23, 2015. I hope that there is a bill that sparks your attention and spurs you into action to contact your Member of Congress (or another) to seek more information or give more input about a particular bill.

Helpful links

1- To find out who is your Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and/or U.S. Senate- Click Here.

2- To view the legislation in its entirety or view live debate- Click Here.

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