Your Business Needs a Check Up! Just like your body or your car.

In an ideal world, I would like to think that EVERYONE gets their regularly scheduled maintenance on their car and that EVERYONE schedules a regular annual visit to the doctor to make sure their health is in tip top shape. Additionally, I would like to think that EVERY entrepreneur, like their car or health schedules a business check up every now in again to access the overall health, stability and longevity of their business. I’d like to think that but I know it’s not true.

The Business Legal Consultations that mylaw firm offers are 1-2 hour consulting sessions with start ups to very established businesses. We go over their whole business with our famous 10 point analysis and provide a written report at the end. I have learned over the years the need to constantly remind clients that doing a yearly, or more often, business check up is CRITICAL to maintaining their business just like a car tune up extends the life of a car or necessary visits to the doctor can make sure that everything is right on the inside, even in places you can’t see or didn’t know could affect you.

Here are my top 3 reasons to make you get a business check up SOON.

1. Your business could die. Seriously. Going back to the car and doctor analogy, unless you are a mechanic or a doctor, you don’t know how serious a situation is until you take it to the experts to access it. Don’t wake until your business stalls on the side of the road or you are getting ready for an important meeting and then you find your business is near death. It’s avoidable.

2. It’s cheaper. Our firm is a VITAMIN, not a PILL. Think about it. Vitamins are cheaper than expensive prescriptions right? It’s cheaper to take daily doses of vitamins than it is to have to take off unexpectedly (that costs money), go to the doctor (that takes money), fill prescriptions (those aren’t cheap) and recover (again…time is money).

3. It gives direction. At least with our consultations, you will receive a written analysis of your business with access to our strategic business partners. What that means is you already receive a general plan for where you are as a business and some action items to make sure you are on track for where you want to go. There is something special about having things in writing as a reminder.

Stop making excuses. Get it done. You WILL (our clients always do) thank us in the long run. Remember that its about prevention of as many aches and pains and mishaps as possible in the world of business. Obtaining a business check up is the first step.

I am Dar’shun Kendrick, the owner of Kendrick Law Practice, LLC, a boutique business law firm in Decatur, GA focused on keeping growing Georgia business owners “IN business and OUT of Court” through Monthly Retainer and Premium Clientservices. We are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and therefore any legal advice in this blog only pertains to Georgia based businesses. I have an M.B.A. (Kennesaw State 2011) and serve in the Georgia House of Representatives since 2011. Additionally, I am adjunct Business Law Professor at Oglethorpe University(Class of 2004) for the Fall of 2014.

Please keep up with me on social media at: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,Blogtalkradio, WordPress and Slideshare. REMEMBER we offer FREE 15 minute services only consultations.


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