My Observations: What a Cup of Coffee Says About a Person

Now this is meant to be a light-hearted post from an ATTORNEY, non-MD, about traits that you can tell from a person from their cup of coffee. I am a big believer that heaven brews the perfect cup of coffee every time without grains and at the perfect temperature and free for all its inhabitants. As you can see, I am a BIG fan of coffee. (Ironically, I didn’t start drinking coffee until I entered law school at had to stay up late hours studying.)

Now I am a HUGE fan of coffee meetings for 2 big reasons: (1) More relaxed. You don’t have to worry about your breath after onions or professionally eating a sloppy sandwich and (2) More conversational. Instead of dealing with the complexities of a full meal it’s “sip, talk, sip” which leaves more opportunity to get to know the other person. So the next time you have one of these meetings I hope you remember this light hearted post. There may even be some truth in what I say!

So I have composed a few non-scientific “observations” of people based on coffee meetings I have had:

  • The “Non-Coffee” Drinker. This is the person that orders tea or some other beverage instead of the God given gift of coffee. They are opposed to the drink for health reasons or they just don’t like the taste. My Observation: This is a non-conformist. Someone who is unique and ventures out on their own with their ideas that won’t be held back by societal normals. The march to the beat of their own drum and are unashamed by that fact.
  • The “No or low fat” Drinker. This person uses no cream or low fat creamer or WORSE—no sugar! My Observation: This is someone who cares about their mind, body and soul as a business owner and professional (as we all should). They focus on being a whole entrepreneur and not just a workaholic.
  • The “Loaded” Drinker. This is the person that puts cream, loads of sugar AND whipped cream in their coffee. My Observation: This person believes in “carpe diem” and is full of joy and peace. They love life and so they will live it each day. They don’t focus on the “what ifs” in life from a negative standpoint but from the opportunities and possibilities it brings.
  • The “Complex” Drinker. This is the half skim, half half and half, double shot of flavoring, steam the milk to 110 degrees and 2 skirts of whipped cream person. (I can’t believe those exist. I have only heard stories). My Observation: This is a very detailed person, almost a perfectionist. They expect what they want to be followed and expect excellence from those they work with and through.
  • The “Iced Coffee” Drinker. This is the person that enjoys this beverage over ice or in an iced form. (SN: God bless them!) My Observation: This person compromises. They don’t want to be left out of the coffee drinking craze but also want to conform on their own terms. They may even be tempermental as their tastes change depending on the circumstances (i.e. weather outside).

I hope you have gained some insight to help you with your next coffee meeting. I invite you all to join the FREE Kendrick Coffee Conversations that start in September of this year of NETWORKING, LEARNING and OPENNESS that will be lead by industry leaders to help you thrive and grow. Spaces are limited if you are interested.

I am Dar’shun Kendrick, the owner of Kendrick Law Practice, LLC, a boutique business law firm in Decatur, GA focused on keeping growing Georgia business owners “IN business and OUT of Court” through Monthly Retainer and Premium Clientservices. We are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and therefore any legal advice in this blog only pertains to Georgia-based businesses. I have an M.B.A. (Kennesaw State 2011) and serve in the Georgia House of Representatives since 2011. Additionally, I am adjunct Business Law Professor at Oglethorpe University(Class of 2004) in the Fall of 2014.

Please keep up with me on social media at: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,Blogtalkradio, WordPress and Slideshare. REMEMBER we offer FREE 15 minute services only consultations.


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