Using SlideShare as An Effective Marketing Tool: 4 Rules to Follow Before Posting

Hopefully if you are reading this post you know about slideshare, which is an online platform that allows individuals or businesses to post and share powerpoint presentations AND documents. My Slideshare account has 155 followers at last count with over 30 postings, ranging from our newest Monthly Retainer plans and Premium Client services to our White Paper documents that explain legal terms like Guarantor/Surety or Integration/Merger Clause. It’s a tool I have used since it hit the market to upload information on the Firm’s latest initiatives or to share information.

But like most mediums for marketing, there is still a strategy for this medium that is unlike other mediums such as Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. The purpose of this post is to give you 4 cardinal rules for making sure you are effectively using your slideshare account to generate leads and clients…which lead to revenue for you.

1. Take advantage of the audio feature. Did you know you can record audio on powerpoint presentations? It’s the greatest tool because busy entrepreneurs and individuals can listen to a live person give their presentation as opposed to reading through tedious content. The audio gives a connection with the audience that reading through content won’t give and makes it convenient for anyone to listen to while they are multi-tasking. You would think it would take forever but I find that my recordings work better when I am speaking naturally and unscripted. There is less content on the slides (which is always a good idea) and I am able to have a conversation versus a presentation. So plug in those earphones, practice your best professional voice and get recording!

2. Place links in other marketing mediumsIf a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around to hear it…well, you get the point. There is no point in posting your GREAT audio presentation on slideshare only to not share it across your marketing platforms. We upload our presentations on our LinkedIn profile, on our website, in my email signature, etc. to let all our followers on many platforms know we have new information to share. After you create each presentation, take advantage of cutting and pasting the customized URL to share as a part of your social media campaign in the following weeks or to send to a client or prospective client you think may benefit from it. We have an enewsletter with over 1,100 targeted Georgia business owners that we share slideshare content with twice a month.

3. Upload White paper pieces to show your expertiseThe great thing about slideshare is that you can also upload documents! For a lawyer that LOVES documents, this is a gold mine for us. So whenever I finish a White paper piece on a particular legal or business topic, I can upload the document and share it like I do the audio powerpoint presentations. It’s just one more way I can brand myself in the field of business law and I have paper to prove it. The white paper pieces aren’t long (1-2 pages) but add breadth and depth to the existing slideshare presentations on our account. People can download them and share them with others easily as well. And remember….place your contact information on ALL powerpoint presentations and documents so people can contact you.

4. Update on a consistent basis. As with most marketing platforms, your marketing must not only be targeted but consistent. Remove old or inaccurate flyers and documents or presentations (like you should do for your LinkedIn profile) to make sure the information isn’t stale. Depending on your schedule, try to add new content once a month or so. Make slideshare a part of your overall marketing plan so that whenever there is an announcement, initiative, news, flyer or article that has been written, slideshare is included in your overall marketing strategy. If you do this, you won’t have to remember when to post because if your organization is moving forward, it will happen naturally.

Well—that is all I have to offer. I welcome any additional tips. Slideshare is one of my favorite marketing tool because it’s easy to use and easily able to share with clients and prospective clients. I hope one day they will allow sharing of videos but I guess we will have to wait onYouTube to make a move.

Attorney Dar’shun Kendrick is the owner of Kendrick Law Practice, LLC, a boutique business law firm in Decatur, GA focused on keeping growing Georgia business owners “IN business and OUT of Court” through Monthly Retainer and Premium Clientservices. She has an M.B.A. as well as serves in the Georgia House of Representatives and is an Adjunct Business Law Professor at Oglethorpe University(Class of 2004) in the Fall of 2014.

You can keep up with her on social media at: TwitterFacebook, LinkedInInstagram,BlogtalkradioWordPress and Slideshare. REMEMBER we offer FREE 15 minute services only consultations.


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