Networking: 3 Tips and Tricks That Have Worked and Led to Business

Ahhhh…networking. The three (3) syllable word that sends shivers down most professionals’ spines unless you are just a social butterfly. Networking has become a word to mean a lot of things, one of which is a room full of boring people clinching their glass of wine or plate of food and trying to remain interested in each others conversation, waiting for the moment until the other person stops talking so they can POUNCE and pitch their business. Sound familiar? There’s a reason for that. It conjures the same fear in most people. But I have come up my own personal “tips and tricks” for networking events that help ease the pressure and actually allow me to have fun at these events. Make sure you try these out at my April 15th “Open House/Networking Mixer” at my law firm.

KLP Networking/Fundraiser
Tuesday, April 15th
6-8 PM
KLP Offices (5526 Flat Shoals Parkway, Suite B, Decatur, GA 30034)
3 “Tips and Tricks” that ease the stress of networking and actually lead to business:
  1. Pretend its a social (versus professional gathering). That doesn’t mean you don’t act professional but it does mean that you imagine that you are at a big party with friends and your main objective is not to give out business cards, but to get to know the people around you on a personal level. I start out with “Do you live around here?” This works for me because I was born and raised in Georgia so I always have a personal story no matter where the person says they live.
  2. Find someone interesting to talk hold a conversation. I usually look for someone who is (1) alone and (2) looks like they have a story. No. 2 is subjective but, for example, if someone has their tie unloosened, I assumed they had a hard day at the office and probably would like to talk about it. It creates an instant connection because they can vent. If a woman has on a pair of hot pink heels, that usually means they have an interesting personality. And I love to talk about heels! 
  3. Hang around the organizer or “life of the party”. These people are usually easily identifiable because they have a special tag, their name was on the invitation or they have a crowd of people around them. If you introduce yourself and tell them the type of people you want to meet and ASK them for an introduction, that’s a surefire way to get directly to your objective of meeting people you need to meet.
Now…these have worked for ME. You have to do what works for you and makes sense for your personality, business and industry. If you have anything to add on, I would love to hear it in the comments. Thanks and hope to see you all April 15th for some NETWORKING!

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