5 Ways to Turn Your Company Milestone Into a Promotional Event: Join us for our Open House!


This post says it all—-I am taking this opportunity to not only write what I hope to be an informative blog but also promote my Firm at the same time. Don’t gasp. We are ALL business owners that are continuously promoting ourselves and looking for our next client or opportunity (and if you aren’t…you CERTAINLY need a 1 hour business legal consultation with me).

Last Friday morning, we announced that Kendrick Law Practice is moving to a new office location in Decatur and invited EVERYONE we have EVER known to attend, including those that are related to my “other job” as a state legislator.  The is at the end of this blog but I wanted to provide you with 5 ways to turn your company milestone into a promotional event….JUST LIKE WE DID AND WILL DO!

1. First, create a “buzz” BEFORE announcing the milestone. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked so 1 week before the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about the new office opening, we dropped “hints” and “clues” and cryptic pictures stating that we had a HUGE announcement on last Friday. To be honest, this wasn’t as HUGE of an announcement as we made it but that’s the point——create excitement because for some people (like our clients and partners) this is HUGE!

2. Second, tell a story through photos. It’s very true that a photo is worth a thousand words. People are visual and will respond to pictures before dull posts or written announcements without graphics or pictures. See how we utilized this in our latest enewsletter. Up through and including through our Open House, we will be posting photos of celebration, hard work, and inspiration that tell the TRUE story of KLP.

3. Third, invite people to share in your milestone. From childhood friends to past bosses, don’t forget to invite EVERYONE, including strategic partners. Past and present clients should not be the only ones celebrating your success. After all, you NEVER know where your next client will come from and the personal interaction and thought will go a LONG way.

4. Fourth, provide a WOW experience. Now that you have built anticipation, invited everyone and their mother to the event, you have to DELIVER on providing an experience so that when the guests leave they say “WOW. That was worth it. I’m excited for him/her.” For those of you that attend, we are ready to WOW!

5. Last, but certainly not least, follow up. This is just like any networking event—the “art of the follow up” (which is a book that I am thinking about writing) is crucial to making sure that not only everyone feels like that shared in your milestone, but also to survey how well you did with this promotional event (For example, we will have surveys for Open House attendees) and to obtain relevant information (emails, referrals, etc.)

I hope to see many of you at our Open House. View the flyer below and remember to SIGN UP for your personalized tour!

OH Flyer-page-001

Best Professional Regards,


Dar’shun N. Kendrick, Esq./M.B.A. , Managing Member
Kendrick Law Practice, LLC -Keeping Georgia small businesses “IN business and OUT of Court” (practicing business law EXCLUSIVELY)- www.kendricklaw.net

Mailing Address: 3035 Stone Mountain Street, #630, Lithonia, GA 30058 * (678) 739-8109


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