FREE Conference Call on raising capital for YOUR Georgia business NOW!

Crowdfunding (raising capital from a “crowd” of unknown people in exchange for equity) is allowed in Georgia RIGHT NOW! Learn more by signing up for my FREE Conference Call on June 25th at 6 pm with other professionals and business owners.  Sign up is limited to the first 100 people so visit TODAY! (NOTE: You can also view a short audio powerpoint presentation slide on the subject).
It’s called the “IGE” (Invest Georgia Exemption) that is allowed under the federal Securities Act of 1933 that allows “intrastate” offerings of Ga registered and based businesses to GA residents. Kansas has a similar but more restrictive exemption. There are the only 2 states with this offering.They must sell through a portal and nonaccredited investors (less than $200k in annual income) can invest up to $10k per year; nonaccredited investors as much as they like up to $1M (cap on all fundraising). Must be deposited in a financial institution authorized to do business in GA. Companies must disclose that securities are NOT registered, although they don’t have to file anything (unless the federal JOBS Act) and cannot be resold to non-GA residents for 9 months. That’s it in a nutshell. Questions? (678) 739-8109 or email

Best Professional Regards,

Dar’shun N. Kendrick, Esq./M.B.A.

Owner of Kendrick Law Practice

(678) 739-8109 (bi-weekly blog) (audio powerpoint presentations) (LinkedIn Company page)Crowdfunding Services


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