SPECIAL EDITION: What do Georgia legislators “do”? (And why you should care!)


As many of you know, I am an elected official and Member of the Georgia House of Representatives. Therefore, each Legislative Session (January – around April) I am representing over 54,000 Georgians at the State Capitol, passing laws for over 9.5 million Georgians. However, I am STILL practicing law. The law firm is still operating FULL time so please send clients our way. We would appreciate it as we continue to serve the citizens of Georgia. But I did want to take some time out and explain what exactly this “2nd job” I have does and how it can help you as a Georgia business owner. I have enlisted the help of one of my colleagues in the GA House with this special edition blog. See their responses below.

Rep. Brett Harrell:  I am an Atlanta native and moved to Gwinnett in 1972. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a business degree and have owned and operated several small businesses over my career. Today I am a salesman with Advanced Disposal Services. I have been blessed to serve my community in a number of capacities over the years. I am a former Mayor of Snellville, former Executive Director of the Highway 78 (Evermore CID), and currently serve as a State Representative.

What Should You Take Away?

Last blog I spoke about taking an OVERALL look at your business in order to be a successful business owner. This week I want to add another component—policy engagement. I understand that you are busy working and making business decisions BUT please remember that there are external forces that decide how your business functions and a huge component of that are the local, state and  federal policies and laws made by legislators, judges and agencies. It’s important to keep abreast of what’s going on in the “political world” so make sure you can voice your opinion when something is being proposed that adversely affects your business interests. It’s not selfish—-it’s being a good business owner and a good American. We all should strive to do this, whether we own a business or not.

Rep. Brett Harrell: Business should have an intimate interest in the Georgia legislature. Our laws and policies guide the operations of the Georgia Department of Labor, Revenue, Transportation, and others that impact small business on a daily basis. Your legislator should hear from you often on what is working and what needs change or elimination.

My Story [Why do I care about small business owners?]

I love business owners, especially since I was raised by 2 Georgia entrepreneurs. I believe one of the functions of government is to provide access to information and resources to help spur economic growth and sustainability and jobs through our Georgia small business owners.

Rep. Brett Harrell: Both of my parents own and operate small businesses – Briarcliff Pharmacy and The Personal Touch Hallmark and Gift Shop. I owned and operated a small print shop, American Speedy Printing, for 20 years. Small business has provided the core of my upbringing and work life. Count me an ally when working to improve and expand opportunities for

small businesses.

Ways I support Job Creation and Small Business Development in the Legislature

I have a website that I maintain as a legislator with  2 page print out on what legislators can do other than propose legislation. You can find a full version at www.kendrickforgeorgia.com under the “Legislative and District Services” tab. We can do any number of things such speak to state agencies if there is a administrative problem you are having with your business or help you find your legislator if you want to voice your opinion about an issue.  Additionally, you will see on www.kendrickforgeorgia.com that I am hosting my 2nd Annual Business Owners Day at the Capitol with other colleagues, inviting business owners throughout the state to meet and greet their state legislators and learn about different resources on the state level.

Rep. Brett Harrell: In addition to responding to specific constituent requests, I serve on both the Transportation and Regulated Industries Committees. Whether legislation before those committees or the House in general, I advocate and vote for small business. I look forward to working again this session with the Red Tape Watch that is taking input from small business owners across the state on ways to improve the environment for job creation and expansion.

A few lessons to be learned: Call to action!

1. Take 1/2 a day to come up to the state Capitol and speak with legislators about YOUR concerns! We listen. It can be at my 2nd Annual Business Owners Day at the Capitol or anytime we are in session. Visit www.legis.ga.gov to learn more about YOUR legislature!

2. Give my office a call for help. We are standing by. I can be reached at (404) 656-0167 or dkendrick@kendrickforgeorgia.com. A full description of my staff and the services they offer can be found at www.kendrickforgeorgia.com as well.

3. Learn how a bill becomes law in Georgia. You can http://www.senate.ga.gov/sos/Documents/habbal.pdf. Keep it handy and use it!

4. Contact Brett Harrell- Contact info: www.voteharrell.com, Twitter: brettharrell, Capitol phone: 404-656-0254, Brett@VoteHarrell.com

**The “Legal Life Lessons” Series was started by Attorney Kendrick in 2012 as a way to showcase real life legal situations that either she has experienced or those within her networks have experienced. The goal is to move away from boring, white paper style discussions about the law and focus on creating comfortable conversations about real experiences in the life of Georgia business owners.**

DISCLAIMER: Kendrick Law Practice and its attorneys are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and NO OTHER territory, state or country and therefore any and all legal advice is only applicable for businesses and individuals that reside and/or located in the State of Georgia. Additionally, please be advised that this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship unless there is a signed or electronically filed retainer agreement on file with the Firm.
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