Legal Life Lesson: We (KLP) are a vitamin, not a pill- Which one is YOUR business?

Introduction: What Should You Take Away?

What best describes what YOU do for a living? Are you a vitamin (prevent problems) or a pill (solve problems)? One of the best ways to describe what it is that KLP does it to put it this way: We PREVENT problems as opposed to SOLVING problems, hence why we are vitamins and not pills. (It should also be noted that while we are VERY good lawyers…we are not magicians. We cannot pull things out of a hat that aren’t there but that’s a side note and I digress) The distinction between being a VITAMIN vs. a PILL is an important one for a business as it should guide your business strategy and, more importantly, your marketing strategy.

My Story [based on my Firm or other business owners’ stories]

If you are a VITAMIN (you prevent problems), you can see how it’s different than marketing yourself as being a problem solver. It’s almost like being a doctor—-most people don’t do the yearly check ups, eat right, exercise, etc. until a problem arises and then they run to the doctor to “fix them.” It must be human nature to wait for a problem and then seek out someone to “fix them.” But alas, for most legal problems, by the time you get to litigation, there is no fixing…at least cheaply without wasting time and lots of money. So KLP focuses on preventing the problem as much as possible in the first place. Aaahhhhh yes—-we are a Flintsone vitamin. Cherry flavored perhaps?

Now, since KLP is a VITAMIN, we have the extra hard task of convincing you, the business owner, that you should invest NOW to save LATER and if the number of Americans that actually have saved for retirement is any indication, this message doesn’t resonate with most people. So KLP’s marketing has to be witty—crafty—-very persuasive. That’s partially the reason for my “Legal Life Lesson” blogs is because I give real world, practical examples of what we do and the consequences of not taking preventive measures BEFORE you have a problem.

For example, my “pitch” to prospective clients usually goes something like this at events:

Me– “Hello, I’m Dar’shun Kendrick. I own a business law firm that keeps GA small businesses “IN business and OUT of Court” through document drafting, document reviewing and negotiating services. Since I have an MBA, we provide business counseling and legal advice for all our clients.” (Note it’s short, sweet and includes my mission statement.)

Potential Client- “ok. Great.” *Takes my card. “Well hopefully I won’t need you.”

Me-*After a short, nervous giggle because I realize they didn’t hear or understand the mission statement I just professed. “You need me right now. That’s the point. We are lawyers that keep you OUT of trouble. We are a VITAMIN as opposed to a PILL.”

Potential Client– “oh…I get it. We should talk.”

Me- “Yes…yes, we should.”

A few lessons to be learned: Call to action!

So if you are a VITAMIN like KLP, here are a few practical lessons to be learned about overall business strategy and marketing yourself as a VITAMIN, which goes against human nature to wait for a PILL:

1. Be clear in your communications WHY the prospect should take you, the vitamin (Ex. Higher costs of court and attorneys, headaches, wasted time in Court, etc.)

2. Provide real life EXAMPLES of you, the vitamin, in action (Ex. My “Legal Life Lessons” or examples from clients, protecting their communications of course)

3. Focus your efforts on those that have already PROVEN they like vitamins over pills (Ex. Most of my speaking engagements have PAID participants; this shows the prospect is willing to INVEST.)

NOW…go forth and BE A VITAMIN—but make sure you’re packaged in such a way that you’re easy to swallow 🙂


**The “Legal Life Lessons” Series was started by Attorney Kendrick in 2012 as a way to showcase real life legal situations that either she has experienced or those within her networks have experienced. The goal is to move away from boring, white paper style discussions about the law and focus on creating comfortable conversations about real experiences in the life of Georgia business owners.**

DISCLAIMER: Kendrick Law Practice and its attorneys are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and NO OTHER territory, state or country and therefore any and all legal advice is only applicable for businesses and individuals that reside and/or located in the State of Georgia. Additionally, please be advised that this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship unless there is a signed or electronically filed retainer agreement on file with the Firm.
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One response to “Legal Life Lesson: We (KLP) are a vitamin, not a pill- Which one is YOUR business?

  1. We like to think we’re a vitamin, helping clients prevent social web marketing issues (like a wrong or poorly implemented strategy) but, often, we find ourselves being the pill or antidote to their social web or social media marketing challenges. Just as many clients come to us after trying it on their own as before going it alone. That’s often the nature of many advisory services.

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