Legal Life Lesson: KLP’s gift to YOU on “Small Business Saturday” (Nov. 24th)

Introduction: What Should You Take Away?

It’s here again! Small Business Saturday is November 24th. This is the day set aside throughout the Nation to celebrate and patronize small businesses. It is sponsored by American Express and more information can be found online at There are LOTS of resources on there about how to promote YOUR business in preparation for “Small Business Saturday” so take a look—but NOT before you read below about KLP’s special gift to GA small business owners. NOTE: We will be open on November 24th from 8 am to 6 pm to get you started on vital legal services so give us a call at (678) 739-8109.

My Story

If you DO NOT know, KLP’s mission is to keep business owners “IN business and OUT of Court”.  We do this through a number of ways but primarily it’s by convincing YOU, the business owner, that it’s better to have properly written agreements and contracts than not—because otherwise, you could end up in a lengthy court battle trying to establish there was a contract and what the terms of that contract were. Not easy, not cheap, not fast.

So I thought to myself: “What is a way that I can get business owners thinking about the TYPE of agreements they need and WHY they need them?” That’s when it hit me—-I could give them a “Business Owner Checklist” filled with GREAT direction for what types of agreements and documents business owners need and questions they should be answering in these documents as well as some helpful information about Georgia law with respect to businesses. So I present to you…in honor of “Small Business Saturday”……our exclusive Business Owner Check-list. See below. (If you would like a copy emailed to you, give us a call at (678) 739-8109 or

A few lessons to be learned: Call to action!

Page 1

Page 1 of 2 of Business Owner Checklist

Business Owner Check List

Page 2 of 2 of Business Owner Check List

Get started with these VITAL legal services today by giving us a call at (678) 739-8109. We are standing by from 8 AM- 6 PM on Small Business Saturday to answer YOUR questions.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is keeping YOU from moving forward with retaining an attorney to draft the documents on this checklist?

**The “Legal Life Lessons” Series was started by Attorney Kendrick in 2012 as a way to showcase real life legal situations that either she has experienced or those within her networks have experienced. The goal is to move away from boring, white paper style discussions about the law and focus on creating comfortable conversations about real experiences in the life of Georgia business owners.**

DISCLAIMER: Kendrick Law Practice and its attorneys are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and NO OTHER territory, state or country and therefore any and all legal advice is only applicable for businesses and individuals that reside and/or located in the State of Georgia. Additionally, please be advised that this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship unless there is a signed or electronically filed retainer agreement on file with the Firm.
Kendrick Law Practice, LLC – (practicing business law exclusively)

Keeping Georgia small businesses “IN business and OUT of Court”

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Mission Statement: To provide Georgia small businesses PASSION for and ACCESS to HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED and PERSONAL business advice AND legal counseling, including document drafting, document reviewing and negotiating services. View an audio presentation at or a video at to answer “Why KLP?”.

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