Legal Life Lesson: Sharing Company News Is GREAT Advertising—if you do it the right way.

This week, KLP is announcing two (2) new staff members that are joining our Team: A Marketing Director and a Client Relations Manager (Executive Assistant).

Because of the nature of my practice, working with Georgia small business owners who everyday are looking for inspiration to strengthen their resolve, I share company news with my clients and in my monthly e-newsletter. Sharing company news with past and present clients, business and strategic partners and others is a GREAT way to advertise for your business—-but only if it’s done the right way.

Here are some tips to make sure your next company announcement creates rapport and continuously develops relationship with others:

1. Be picky about the company announcements you send out. The whole point of doing an announcement and making it exciting is its infrequency. For example, I send out these announcements usually every quarter (3 months). No one cares that you just bought a computer or upgraded your snack area. Use company announcements sparingly to get the best results.

2. Answer the question: Why should the client/partner care? If at the end of the day it’s not useful information for the client or partner, why should they read the letter and think more about your company? Directly connect your announcement with how this will IMPROVE your client’s  or partner’s relationship with your business.

3. Keep it “short and sweet”. These announcements are meant to be teasers…not thesis. If you do company announcements by email, 2 paragraphs is all you need. If you do company announcements by letter, 1 page is enough. If they want more information, they will contact your business and give you yet another chance to make your pitch.

4. Remember the “call to action”. Another question to ask is: What do I want the recipient of this announcement to do with this information? This goes back to answering the question of why your particular company announcement is useful. If it’s not useful, there won’t be a call to action. If it is useful, tell the recipient to take action!

Below is a letter that I sent to past and present clients and strategic business partners and those on my e-newsletter list as an example.

Dear <<FirstName of Client>>,

It is my pleasure to introduce 2 new team members to the Kendrick Law Practice Staff. Our newest assets are Marketing Director Brittany Evans and Client Relations Manager Zenas Dowdell. They are here to not only be a resource for my Firm but also for you.

Below are actions that our newest team members can help you with so contact them today.

Client Relations Manager Zenas Dowdell

  • Forward copies of documents from your file to you
  • Answer questions about the status of your file or case
  • Provide referrals to other business professionals
  • Schedule appointments, meetings or consultations

Marketing Director Brittany Evans

  • Interview you as the “Featured Business Owner” for our monthly enewsletter (Past and Present clients only)
  • Provide you with a detailed overview of the KLP business model
  • Receive invitations for events, sponsorships and speaking opportunities
  • Provide you with information about KLP’s upcoming activities and events

We look forward to working more efficiently and effectively to help your small business stay “IN business and OUT of Court” and hope that you will contact us for all your business legal needs. Both Brittany and Zenas may be reached at and or the office at (678) 739-8109.

Best Professional Regards,

Dar’shun Kendrick, Esq./M.B.A.

For the Firm


DNK: zd

Use these tips and let KLP know when you have your next company announcement!

**The “Legal Life Lessons” Series was started by Attorney Kendrick in 2012 as a way to showcase real life legal situations that either she has experienced or those within her networks have experienced. The goal is to move away from boring, white paper style discussions about the law and focus on creating comfortable conversations about real experiences in the life of Georgia business owners.**

DISCLAIMER: Kendrick Law Practice and its attorneys are ONLY authorized to practice law in Georgia and NO OTHER territory, state or country and therefore any and all legal advice is only applicable for businesses and individuals that reside and/or located in the State of Georgia. Additionally, please be advised that this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship unless there is a signed or electronically filed retainer agreement on file with the Firm.
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2 responses to “Legal Life Lesson: Sharing Company News Is GREAT Advertising—if you do it the right way.

  1. Great article! Thank you for writing it and helping us make these announcements more usual than self-serving.

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