Legal Tweet Meet Show (4/19): Business Contract Terms You Should Know!

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The Title of Today’s Show is “Introduction to Common Business Contract Terms”. #legaltweetmeet.


You will be able to ask questions AT THE END of the presentation so STAY TUNED! #legaltweetmeet


DISCLAIMER 1: KLP is only authorized to practice law in Georgia. Therefore, our advice is limited to the State of Georgia. #legaltweetmeet


DISCLAIMER 2: We only practice business law so we can’t help you with personal legal matters. Sorry L #legaltweetmeet


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The Show

Contracts! Contracts! Contracts! Nothing should excite business owners more or make them more fearful. #legaltweetmeet


What does it mean to have a “contract”? A contract is a LEGAL term which has LEGAL meaning. #legaltweetmeet


Without getting too “legal”, a contract is an understanding between parties that creates a LEGALLY enforceable agreement. #legaltweemeet


The important word there is LEGAL. The law does not enforce contracts between drug dealers or prostitutes. Not contracts. #legaltweetmeet


First, there must be a MUTUAL understanding between the parties. If everyone doesn’t agree, there is NO agreement. #legaltweetmeet


Second, most contracts DO NOT have to be in writing. However, is it a VERY smart idea however? Of course! #legaltweetmeet


No use in making more costs, time and money for yourself by NOT having an agreement. Make it easy for the Court to decide. #legaltweetmeet


There are only 6 types of contracts that have to be in writing and your lawyer should know what those are. #legaltweetmeet


Contracts in Georgia are construed AGAINST the drafter. #legaltweetmeet


That means, if you DRAFT a contract, the Court will assume you knew what you were doing. #legaltweetmeet


Over the next few months, I will be breaking down specific common business contract terms. #legaltweetmeet


At Kendrick Law Practice, it is our MISSION to make sure you are an educated business owner even if you have an attorney. #legaltweetmeet


The top (10) common business contract terms we will explore: (1) Arbitration Clauses, (2) “Time is of the Essence” language #legaltweetmeet


(3) Indemnification Clauses, (4) Merger/Integration Clauses, (5) Subrogation Clauses, (6) Warranties & Representations #legaltweetmeet


(7) Covenants not to compete/Non-compete clauses, (8) Liquidated Damages, (9) Forum Selection Clauses #legaltweetmeet


And (10) Guarantor/Surety Clauses. By the time we are done, you will be SUPER educated in the area of business contracts. #legaltweetmeet


However, don’t think for ONE SECOND these discussions are a replacement for hiring a business attorney. #legaltweetmeet


Attorneys spend 3 years in school. There are a LOT more provisions and nuisances than what we will discuss. #legaltweetmeet


Furthermore, the Uniform Commercial Code is a TRAP for any business owner that doesn’t practice law on a daily basis. #legaltweetmeet


If there are other provisions you would like me to try and explore in addition to those named, let me know. #legaltweetmeet



DISCUSSION QUESTION: Can I clarify or explain more about a specific businese entity? #legaltweetmeet

ALRIGHT! Now it’s time for the 2nd half of #legaltweetmeet that is an OPEN FORUM to ask me any questions. #legaltweetmeet


Remember you can mention @kendricklaw or DM us for answers to your questions. #legaltweetmeet


Match your question number (Ex. Q5) to my answer number (Ex. A5). #legaltweetmeet


READY…SET….GO! How can KLP help you make or save money through competent legal and business advice and counseling? #legaltweetmeet




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