Legal Tweet Meet: March 1st Show- “Make Yourself: 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Business Brand”

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I am your co-host for tonight’s show and Founder of KLP, @DarshunKendrick. Thank you for joining us tonight for #legaltweetmeet.


Our guest host and winner of our #socialmedia campaign is graphic designer Brian Wyatt @bezgraphix #legaltweetmeet.


The Title of Today’s Show is “Make Yourself:” 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your #Business #Brand. #legaltweetmeet


Feel FREE to ask questions during the “presentation” OR ask general legal questions at the end so STAY TUNED! #legaltweetmeet


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I have the pleasure of introducing our guest co-host @bezgraphix. #legaltweetmeet

This is a continuation of our last #legaltweetmeet in which we spoke about #trademarks, which is a type of branding.

Brian Wyatt, owner & operator of B-EZ Graphix, is originally from #Chicago but currently lives in Warner Robins, #GA. #legaltweetmeet

He has a B.A. in #Political Science from the University of IL-Urbana & is pursuing his Master’s in Political Science. #legaltweetmeet

@bezgraphix is a #graphic #web designer and he has been in the design industry for over 8 years. #legaltweetmeet

@bezgraphix is proficient in producing branding materials. #legaltweetmeet

Branding materials include #logos, business, #websites, #flyers, album, mix-tape and magazine covers. #legaltweetmeet

He also designs static and animated ads and photo editing. #legaltweetmeet

@bezgraphix’s educational credentials in social science allowed him to excel in marketing & promotions campaigns. #legaltweetmeet

@bezgraphix has been a successful innovator in the area of design industry since the start of his design career in 2004. #legaltweetmeet

He combines his creativity in design with his background enable his clients to take their #biz to new heights. #legaltweetmeet

@bezgraphix  whenever you are ready: Take it away! We will RT your comments and any #questions. #legaltweetmeet


Topic:Make Yourself:” 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Business Brand

TIP 1 – Get A Logo! Your #logo is the face of your biz. It’s the statement about your biz that you want to give #legaltweetmeet


Hire a graphic designer to design your #logo because professional #branding work yields better results #legaltweetmeet


Make sure your #logo excites you with pride because it sets the tone for the rest of your branding products #legaltweetmeet


The Style, colors and graphics will resonate in the rest of your brand products (business cards, flyers, etc.) #legaltweetmeet


#TRADEMARK YOUR #LOGO! The last #legaltweetmeet was about this so you should understand the value of protecting your biz identity


TIP 2 – Determine Your #Niche to narrow the focus of your business #branding campaigns #legaltweetmeet


For example, a instead of marketing yourself as a “photographer,” #brand yourself as a “wedding photographer” #legaltweetmeet


A #niche gives your brand orientation toward a target market – DON’T be a “Jack-of-all-trades; Master of none” #legaltweetmeet


Master a #niche to build a reputation -your brand- in other words, what you’re known to be proficient at providing #legaltweetmeet


TIP 3 – Establish Your #Network! Build relationships with #PROFESSIONALS both in and outside your profession #legaltweetmeet


Making contacts in other professions will open up new markets for you to spread your #brand far and wide #legaltweetmeet


Many frown at this, but offer pro bono and promotional services/products or barter with other professionals #legaltweetmeet


Helping others in need of your services/products will generate hype about your business and promote your brand #legaltweetmeet


Don’t offer free services/products too often & lose the ability to make a living because you’re known for doing so #legaltweetmeet


TIP 4 – Know Your Worth! #Research what other professionals in your industry make for their services/products #legaltweetmeet


Compete by not overpricing your products/services but don’t be the bottom rung of the ladder either. #legaltweetmeet


Be flexible! Provide multiple payment options for customers with various budgets (installments, deposits, etc.) #legaltweetmeet


TIP 5 – INVEST IN YOURSELF! You should be enthusiastic about spending the money to design establish your brand #legaltweetmeet


You can’t expect the cost to be cheap for designing a logo, business cards, websites & other marketing materials #legaltweetmeet


Prepare to spend at least about $1000 – it’s a large investment, but worth it if you take time and FOLLOW THROUGH #legaltweetmeet


Invest in accountants, business consultants and especially lawyers to help maintain and protect your brand #legaltweetmeet


If you’re not willing to spend the money to build your brand, how can you expect your clients/customers to do so? #legaltweetmeet


Lastly, know your strengths&weaknesses. Don’t attempt things not in your skill set. Invest in tools to assist you. #legaltweetmeet


I hope you enjoyed my 5 Tips! Put them to work as you build your brand, fulfill your dreams and Make Yourself!

Special thanks to @kendricklaw for allowing me this opportunity to host this week’s #legaltweetmeet


DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is your FAVORITE #design tip for tonight’s show? #legaltweetmeet

ALRIGHT! Now it’s time for the 2nd half of #legaltweetmeet that is an OPEN FORUM to ask me any questions. #legaltweetmeet


Remember you can mention @kendricklaw or DM us for answers to your questions. #legaltweetmeet


Match your question number (Ex. Q5) to my answer number (Ex. A5). #legaltweetmeet


READY…SET….GO! How can KLP help you make or save money through competent legal and business advice and counseling? #legaltweetmeet



THANK YOU for co-hosting #legaltweetmeet @bezgraphix !


THANK YOU ALL for attending KLP’s Legal Tweet Meets. Join us next week and BRING A FRIEND for our  #legaltweetmeet Thursday from 8-9 pm.


NEXT SHOW: March 8th at 8 pm-  We will discuss What To Know Before Firing Someone Over a Facebook Post. #attorney @DarshunKendrick, Founder of KLP! #legaltweetmeet
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