How to Get Social Media Fit for 2012!


I have written two (2) blogs in the past about social media and their legal ramifications; they can be viewed at entitled “Staying Out of Social Media Trouble” and  “5 Social Media Mistakes and their Legal Consequences”.

Well now it is time to give you some practical tips about how to use the knowledge that you have learned about staying out of social media trouble and use it to expand your potential client base at the same time.

These tips come from Business Fitness Guru Dahna Chandler (@bizfitnessguru) from last week’s Legal Tweet Meet (#legaltweetmeet) which Kendrick Law Practice hosts every Thursday from 8-9 pm on twitter. Join us every Thursday (except next Thursday) from 8-9 pm on Twitter as we have a discussion and answer your legal questions at

Presentation: Here we go!

Top 10 Tips for Being Social Media Fit in 2011.

1)    Tip #1: Create a social media strategy with your audience in mind.

Be where they are, not just where you want to be on #SM (“social media”). #besocialmediafit

2)    Tip #2: Understand the different #SM networks, platforms and tools. #besocialmediafit

Different #SM networks, tools and platforms have different purposes.  Learn what each does.

3)    Tip #3: Create #SM profiles w/ keyword optimization in mind.

You want you or your company/product to be among the first to appear in traditional and social search.

4)    Tip #4: Read, train and learn constantly because #SM is always changing. #besocialmediafit

If you can, hire a coach or strategist to help you.

5)    Tip #5 Don’t just launch a social media profile and forget about it. #besocialmediafit

Create a #SM calendar to maintain it. Otherwise, you may kill your #SM cred.

6)    Tip #6: Learn #SM terminology. What is a hashtag? Circles? A tweet chat? A timeline?

What is the purpose of each and how do I use these effectively? #besocialmediafit

7)    Tip #7: Remember, #SM is about ENGAGEMENT, not PROMOTION. #besocialmediafit

You’re on social media to create relationships w/clients that lead to biz, not just to talk about you.

8)    Tip #8: You must add value to the lives of your #SM constituents or lose their interest.

Be helpful, provide useful content, solve problems, cure pain. #besocialmediafit

9)    Tip #9: Be careful what you say and do on #SM bc even ‘personal’ profiles are ‘business’ profiles.

If you alienate people, you’re toast, unless you fix your gaffe FAST.

Know how to fix #SM mistakes. #besocialmediafit

10) Tip #10: People buy from people they know, like and trust—from whom they matter.

Be likeable on #SM and you’ll drive profits there. #besocialmediafit

11) BONUS Tip:  Know the legal ramifications of using #SM so you stay IN biz, OUT of court!

Discussion Question: What was your favorite social media tip and why?

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  1. Thank you for posting this! For those of you who are interested in social media coaching for your small business, please visit to learn more.

  2. Great summary of your recent #legaltweetmeet

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