Thanksgiving Special: Giving Thanks to the People, Places and Things that helped GROW my business!

I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Last Thursday I gave thanks to the people, places and things that helped grow my business this past year. As you know, Kendrick Law Practices hosts “Legal Tweet Meet” every Thursday from 8-9 pm on Twitter where we discuss a topic the first 30 minutes then ask Q & A the last 30 minutes. Join us at and ask us your business legal question!
It is important to give “thanks” to those that are with us now as we strive towards a successful business. “If people can’t appreciate you when you’re at your worse, they don’t deserve you at your best.” Thus, I want to take this time to give a “shout out” to those that have helped me since my business started.
Giving Thanks to PEOPLE that have helped KLP grow: First stop: People. “People first, then money, then things.” -@SuzeOrman
  1. @MrsSotology for letting more know it’s possible to be in business with family.
  2. @Bizfitnessguru for encouraging me each and every day and making giving me common sense solutions to social media issues.
  3. @smallbizatlanta for waking up at 5 am with me and RTing me like crazy.
  4. @tsbtweet for allowing me to promote his business through our Partnership Network and for cohosting our radio show.
  5. And @RashidBrown for his wonderful work in the community, especially my legislative district.
Giving Thanks to PLACES that have helped KLP grow: Second is the WONDERFUL places I have been in metro Atlanta
  1. CommerceclubATL (@commerceclubATL) who have the most helpful, friendliest staff in Atlanta and yummy breakfast. They are located at 191 Peachtree Street. Give them a visit today! (or join me every other Tuesday when my LinkedIn Group meets there for coffee at 9:30 am- Next Meetings: December 6th and December 20th!)
  2. Rockdale County at Glenn’s Bar B Q for weekly morning networking meetings with @pbrando. The Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce is an EXCELLENT organization for start ups and established businesses in the County to join. If you are trying to do business in Rockdale County, you can’t get far without the Chamber. Google them then join!
  3. Stonecrest Mall meetings with business owners to start the #Stonecrest #Business Alliance. I have been “appointed” as their Attorney and have helped them set up their incorporation work and by-laws and provide legal counseling. Check out this article:
  4. Staples (@Staples)- What?! Everyone needs supplies in an emergency! And I racked up Staples points for free stuff!
  5. @PaneraBread- My Firm is virtual. This place smells good and has food so it wins 1st place to being my office.
Giving Thanks to the Things that have helped KLP Grow: Last but not least giving thanks to things that have helped my business GROW and SHINE!
  1. @Twitter! Of course. Never has a #politician AND #attorney been so brief in her statements.
  2. @LinkedIn! Our bi-monthly LinkedUP meetings give me a chance to personally know each Member and develop TRUST.
  3. @Google apps!- Have you seen the stuff you can do on google?! It’s AMAZING and most of it is FREE!
  4. #Quickbooks (@Quickbooks)- Easy to use, comprehensive and they have every report you could need to assess your finances.
  5. @YouTube- We post videos from my presentations and have GREAT interviews on there.  Visit to take a look!
  6. And last but not least WORD PRESS! Since blogging in September we have had over 750 visitors!

Discussion Question: What are some of the “people, places and things” you give thanks for this year?! 

Why Kendrick Law Practice? ( We SAVE you money by:
  1. Providing comprehensive legal AND business advice and consulting, creating value for
    your company’s investment in us.

    KLP’s Founder, Dar’shun Kendrick, holds a law degree and Master’s in Business
  2. Providing security through our three (3) point guarantee:
      1. “24 hour guarantee”- You will receive a phone call from an attorney within 24 business hours of submission your information through our website;
      2. “72 hour guarantee”- You will receive your document drafted or reviewed within 72 business hours after payment (or it’s FREE!) and
      3. “Dispute guarantee”- KLP will negotiate the terms of any document that we drafted or reviewed FOR FREE should a dispute arise (*Does NOT include litigation costs.).
  3. Providing predictability through our FLAT FEE pricing on most of our services. You know EXACTLY what you are paying for a completed document.


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2 responses to “Thanksgiving Special: Giving Thanks to the People, Places and Things that helped GROW my business!

  1. Thanks a million 🙂 I am so flattered to be singled-out and mentioned in your special thanks to others! It is a pleasure to wake up @ 5 am (or earlier) with you before the competition. And your tweets are priceless…very informative for small business owners. I’m passionate about small business and it’s great to have people like you to share that same passion with.

  2. Thank you so much for the props! You have helped ME a great deal, too, and I so appreciate you. Thanks for being such a resource to local small business and keeping us IN Business and OUT of court. I’ve dealt with business lawyers for many years, particularly as a business journalist, and you are one of the best. Smart businesses owners have Kendrick Law Practice as their legal counsel. Period!

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