7 Steps to a “Litigation Free” Office

http://www.georgiaminoritybusinessmagazine.com/business.html (last accessed on November 3, 2011)

The Story

Authors Kaley Klemp and Jim Warner wrote on the “7 Steps to a drama free office” in Georgia Minority Business Magazine recently. On a personal note, I had the opportunity to attend this magazine’s launch party in Atlanta last week as the special guest of KLP’s “Walk In Wednesdays” Partner (www.kendricklaw.net/consultations), the Business Fitness Guru, Inc. (Dahna Chandler). I was able to make connections with leaders in the business community as well as meet the staff, including the President, of the magazine. I wish it much success here in the Atlanta market!

In this blog, I lay out the 7 steps to a drama-free office that were given in the article then give my own steps for a “litigation free” office. Litigation is expensive, contentious, and time consuming. Here at KLP we strive to keep you “IN business and OUT of Court” through comprehensive business consulting and legal advice which consists of document drafting, document reviewing and negotiating services. Visit www.kendricklaw.net/clientservices to learn more.

The 7 Steps to a “Drama Free” Office

The 7 steps are simple enough towards a drama free office. WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU ADD ON?

Step 1: Get Out of Your Own Drama

Step 2: Diagnose the Type of Drama in the Other Person

Step 3: Assess the Risk of Confronting the Other Person

Step 4: Develop Rapport with the Drama-Prone Person

Step 5: Have a Direct Conversation

Step 6: Get Their Commitment

Step 7: Validate and Anchor Their Commitment and New Behavior

The 7 Steps to a “Litigation Free” Office

Step 1: Meet frequently with your Business Attorney. Nothing keeps litigation down to a minimum like consistent meetings with your business attorney of choice to advise you on an array of legal issues you would be aware of and this should be the FIRST thing you do after reading this blog.

Step 2: Post the required federal materials related to labor. This includes minimum wage requirements, safety postings, and other employee related matters. Your HR department or firm should be able to provide you with all this information.

Step 3: Display the proper signage. This expands to protecting customers as well as employees. These signs can alert customers and employees to dangerous things on the premise (like a broken elevator or a wet floor) and keep down any premises liability claims. Want to know what premises liability claims are? Consult with your fabulous business attorney. I’m sure at this point you have planned an upcoming meeting right?

Step 4: Treat employees equally. Again, this is related to employment matters. Discrimination is still alive and well and the subject of many lawsuits so make sure you are objective in your decisions regarding employees and employment. Consult with your attorney on how to facilitate this step.

Step 5: Play nice. Harassment in the workplace is one issue and the other issue is creating a hostile workplace. There are many nuisances to this step so that is why consulting on a regular basis with your business attorney is SO IMPORTANT.

Step 6: Have a carefully crafted employee manual available to all employees. Employment issues are one of the costliest and most litigated areas of workplace issues. This manual should include policies and procedures and a “no tolerance” policy for sexual harassment.

Step 7:  If it doesn’t feel right, ask someone. You don’t need to consult lawyers for everything but if a situation doesn’t feel like it is going good or could turn out good, consult with your HR department or business consultant. But please do alert your attorney to what is going on so that they are aware of any issues and can be better prepared should something legal arise. Communicating with your business attorney and keeping them abreast of any issues is the best use of time your business can make.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What other steps would you add to: (1) a “drama free” office or (2) a “litigation free” office?

Why Kendrick Law Practice?
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    KLP’s Founder, Dar’shun Kendrick, holds a law degree and Master’s in Business
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      1. “24 hour guarantee”- You will receive a phone call from an attorney within 24 business hours of submission your information through our website;
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2 responses to “7 Steps to a “Litigation Free” Office

  1. I have had 3 different business ventures and never thought to get a small business attorney until #legaltweetmeet 🙂 I have just recently relocated back to Atlanta and plan on starting another business after the new year. I love the information and the advice that you provide. I will definitely be partnering with a small biz attorney for my next venture(s). Strategic partnerships are the way to go in business. Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. I’m glad we have helped you. Getting a small biz attorney will surely keep you “IN business and OUT of Court”. Let us know how we can help.

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