CRISIS MANAGEMENT Part 2: IT Solutions to Keep You “IN Business and OUT of Court”

The Story

This is a continuation of KLP’s Theme of keeping you “IN business and OUT of Court” and that includes other vital business services that you need. Through our “Give and Take” Partnership Network (, we will periodically start featuring one of our partners about their product or service.

This week we continue featuring our Partner Technology Solutions Bridge which offers IT consulting services, website design and development and facility rentals. We wanted to provide you with a PART 2 to his first blog interview (found at on more specific actions YOU can take to save money!  Read and contact TSB for your IT needs. There is a special promotion for those of you that mention KLP!

Mr. Richard Miles, Owner of Technology Solutions Bridge

1. Give three (3) reasons why business owners should back up their data (besides that they will lose data) such as an estimate of the cost to recover data, because its “easy”, because jump drives are cheap, etc.

If you’re a business owner and backing up your data is not a top priority, hopefully not having a data backup strategy doesn’t become your biggest mistake. As business owners you should relate backing up your data to buying an insurance policy. Therefore, you shouldn’t operate or conduct business without a data backup strategy in place. Affordable backup cost, smooth recovery process, and easy to use backup systems and strategies are three reasons why you should consider backing up your data.

Recovering your lost data can cost you more than just money. Having an efficient data backup recovery process can save you time, money, and hassle. As a business owner, think about how much time you would spend in trying to recover data when you could be focusing on operating and sustaining your business.

Businesses’ operating without an IT department is no longer an excuse for not having a backup system. Microsoft Windows has tools that an average computer user can walk through the backup setup wizard themselves. There are hundreds of affordable online data backup systems available that will allow you to have access to your files at any time. Technology Solutions Bridge based right here in Atlanta is more than willing to consult with you in implementing a data backup system for your business.

2. Give some tips on how business owners can make backing up data a part of their daily routine.

Before starting any backup of any data, it’s best to decide what data is important for your business. Files that consist of company policies and procedures, legal documentation, customer information, and/or your typical day to day operational files are just a few suggestions to start with.

Below you will find tips that will assist you in backing up your data as this should become part of your daily routine:

1.  Backing up to a USB device. The majority of computers today have multiple USB ports installed. You can purchase an external hard drive at your local electronics store at an affordable price. Most hard drives will come with a data backup system included in the software that will walk you through setting up a data backup system. You can choose the location of your data files that you would like to backup. Also, the frequency and the time of day in which you would like to run your backup can also be setup.

2.    Backing up to a DVD. Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 all come loaded with a backup and restore application preinstalled. You can setup a backup to multiple DVD’s by selecting which files or drive you want to backup. The restore functionality of the application is just as easy as setting up the backup.

3.    Online Backup. There are several online websites that will charge you to run a data backup system for you. Free sites such as “Dropbox” and “My Other Drive” will provide you with 2GB of online storage where you can manually add and store files. You can access those files from anywhere on the web or by mobile phone.

3. What are five (5) things business owners should look for in a security application?

For every computer in the office, there should be some form of security application installed and actively running. The number of computers and how you intend on utilizing those computers will determine what security application to choose for your business.

There are 5 key points you should keep in mind while choosing security software:

  1. Frequency of Updates. The security software should be up to date and perform updates on a daily basis. This will assure you that your computer is scanning and protecting your computer from the latest viruses.
  2. Protection. What protection features does the security software provide? Does the security software include a firewall protection across your network? Internet Security to protect your computer while browsing. Is there real-time protection for your computers?
  3. Usability of the security software. How Simplistic is it for a user to install from the website. Can you navigate through the security software interface by using the demo? If the demo gives you problems, the paid version will.  Make sure you understand the ins and outs of the security software before purchasing.
  4. Security software effectiveness. Does it work in locating virus or malware on your computer? Does it alert you when it detects threats and websites trying to install harmful items onto your computer while being used?
  5. Support for the security software. Take the time out to research and read the reviews of their support. If their support and FAQ’s aren’t reliable enough for you, chances are you won’t trust your computers with their security software.

4. Expand on each of your “other” abilities like use of the rental space, computer room, etc. and provide examples if you can.

Here at Technology Solutions Bridge (TSB) we not only provide IT consulting, but we also provide a rental facility for small to medium size businesses. The rental facility is 1400sq ft. that includes two conference and/or meeting rooms, a computer & training lab, and a seminar room. This rental facility provides small business owners with a location to meet with other business owners, employees, and potential clients and customers without having to do business at your local coffee shops, libraries or hotels. For business owners looking to train new staff or keep current staff up to date on new software, policies and procedures, or new office technology our training lab can be of service you also.  For more information or to make an appointment, please email  .

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