Don’t Let Social Media Get You in Legal Trouble! Precautions to Take. (last accessed October 4, 2011)

The Story

Lisa Baron writes for that a survey of 304 business leaders found that 47% of small business owners admitted that they don’t use social media at all for business purposes. Only 12% of respondents described social media promotion as a “must” for their business and for those that do use social media, 19% say they use Facebook, 15% prefer LinkedIn and only 4% use Twitter. Baron goes on to write some helpful tips that can help business owners stay engaged in social media or, if you are in that 47%, become engaged in social media for the first time!

Can you believe on 47% of small businesses STILL DO NOT use social media? I know…I can’t either. It breaks my heart because social media can be such an effective tool for communicating with potential clients and current clients. As a business owner, you may be sensing some hesitation about diving into this age of fast information where, as we learned from my earlier post, can get you into some serious legal troubles! But not to worry; I am here to give you some practical tips that will keep you, as our tag line states, “IN business and OUT of Court”. As always, Kendrick Law Practice is here to give you comprehensive business and legal advice as our valued client (

My Perspective:

This will be a continuation of one of my most recent blogs about “5 Social Media Mistakes and Their Legal Consequences” found at Instead, I want to turn to some practical tips on staying legal by taking advantage of all social media has to offer (and it offers a lot!)

My Firm has a heavy social media and online marketing strategy so you can rest assure that as a law firm, I am overly cautious about what I publish.

Here’s how to keep your social media legal:

1. Read before you post and ask yourself “Is this true? Can this be construed as misleading?” Many times as business owners we understand that our objective is to sell our produce or service. But make sure you, as a business owner, would not misinterpret your own posts because I am sure someone else will if you find your own posts dubious, ambiguous or misleadings. Additionally, as a business practice, social media is more of a “conversation” with potential customers and current customers than it is a “hard sell” anyway so you will do well to think about having a conversation during your posts as opposed to selling at any rate.

2. Don’t spam! While there are many ways that social media encourages you to search like-minded individuals and businesses and add them to your network, don’t continuously invite people to connect with you throughout the day, posting the same messages compelling them to connect. Most social media sites will prohibit you from sending too many of the same messages in a given period anyway. As a business practice, you want to focus on QUALITY of your audience and network as opposed to QUANTITY; create a strong social media campaign and people will ask YOU to join them and it will make less work for you.

3. Keep confidential information..well…confidential. You have to remember that social media connects many different people many different ways. Once a message is sent—it’s gone and cannot be retrieved or controlled. So beware of placing confidential information, even without naming a client, into the social media-phere UNLESS it is public information. For example, I can tell how I saved “a client” (I NEVER use names) from obtaining a judgment against them because court filings are public record but I would NOT necessary tell how I negotiated a land deal for a client or if I did, it would be without much detail.

Well, I hope this has helped you to at least gain the nerve to dive into social media! Join us! We would love to have you. As always, KLP is here for you business AND legal needs so let us help YOU.

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  1. Great article! I still have my jaw dropped about 47% of small businesses NOT using social media! This has to change….

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