5 Ways to Use the Internet to Drive People Off the Internet and 5 Steps to Do It!

http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/2011/09/13/5-ways-to-use-the-internet-to-drive-people-off-the-internet/ (last accessed September 16, 2011)


The Story

One of my FAVORITE grass roots marketing sites writes an article about “5 Ways to Use the Internet to Drive People Off the Internet”, an article by John Jantsch. In this blog, I talk about the systematic 5 STEPS to use the internet to drive people off the internet after learning about the 5 ways to do so.

This article is especially relevant and personal to me since Kendrick Law Practice (“KLP”) is a virtual law firm (www.kendricklaw.net) focusing exclusively on business law in the area of document drafting, document reviewing and negotiating services. Although my firm advertises, services clients and operates online, KLP has a deep physical presence in the business community and makes it a point to try to actively engage potential clients and clients off the internet.

John states five (5) ways to use the internet to drive people off the internet:

  1. Meetings that start online and end offline (through local leads groups)
  2. Networking that is both on and offline (through Chambers and other local groups)
  3. Snack sized online showcase (by easy ways to attend online events)
  4. GPS as a marketing game (using tools to build brand pages and reward local offline purchases)
  5. Create a local social group (from existing contacts or social media groups)

My Pespective: Legal and Business

First, I have an M.B.A. from Kennesaw State University.  Therefore, KLP offers not only business legal advice but also business consulting as a part of our legal services as an added value to our clients. This week’s blog focuses more on business consulting than legal advice.

John’s steps to using the internet to drive people off the internet is helpful and very crucial. It’s important that businesses don’t see the website as “The End” for interactions with clients and potential clients. While we now live in a world that is heavily based on online relationships and interactions, a physical meeting and face-to-face networking is still the best way to gain business. Humans are social by nature and still sometimes need to see, hear, touch, and smell those they do business with. Below are five (5) steps I suggest to implement John’s ways to drive people OFF the internet:

  1. Figure out what online circles or networks you possess. KLP has several online circles. You can find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kendricklawpractice), Twitter (www.twitter.com/kendricklaw), LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/darshunkendrick) through our website (www.kendricklaw.net), through our weekly blogs (https://kendricklaw.wordpress.com), through our subscribers to our monthly enewsletter (www.kendricklaw.net) and through our network of partnerships through our “Give and Take” Network (www.kendricklaw.net/partnerships). Once you determine what your circles are you can get started.
  2. Find the common thread within each circle or network. What is the commonality within each of these circles? You may have the same commonalities and you may not. For example, KLP’s followers on Twitter are businesses primarily located in the Southeast that may or maynot have a business in Georgia whereas our LinkedIn connections tend to be higher level executives and influential people in Georgia. By contrast, the common thread for Partners in our “Give and Take” Network is that they seek low cost advertising and direct referrals for clients.
  3. Plan an offline event that caters to each circle or network. You may even can combine a few circles or networks if they are easily related. For example, my Firm is having a social networking event on September 29th (www.klpmmfall2011.eventbrite.com) with individuals in the “Give and Take” Network. The “price” of admission is that you bring another business owner and there are low-cost opportunities for sponsorships. This event is specifically tailored towards the common thread for those in this networking circle, i.e. they seek low cost advertising and direct referrals for clients.
  4. Stay consistent. Consistently making sure that your business’ online presence gives an opportunity for potential clients or clients to interact offline is crucial. If offline events happen sporadically, not only will you miss the opportunity to meet a potential client offline but you may develop the reputation as being solely an online provider, which you may or may not want. KLP holds quarterly networking events and is a Member of three (3) Chambers.  We are constantly doing face-to-face networking to reiterate that although we provide services virtually, we do like meeting potential clients and clients personally. And enjoy doing so!
  5. Make sure you “follow up!”. Nothing is worse than going through all these steps to get people off the internet only to get people off the internet and never follow up with them again. I make it a practice each week to email my “VIP contacts” of individuals that I refer business or have an existing long relationship that are in business. I email them my blogs or maybe a newsletter or sometimes I just call and ask “How’s business?” Then every quarter I get together for coffee, breakfast or collectively with these individuals to greet them face-to-face. While you cannot do this with every single person you meet offline, there are a core group of people that we worth that “extra” time.

Discussion Question: What are ways in which to drive people ON to the internet if you have met this OFF the internet (i.e. in person?)


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